Italian Patents

1.     Device for the measurement of the Torque-Speed characteristic of electric motors

Patent application AN2005A 000058 ; Patent no. 0001364984
Filing date: December 22, 2005; Patent date: September 11, 2009
Inventors: M.Scarano, F. Marignetti, G.Tomassi, G.Romiti
Owner: A.E.A. Srl, Rosora (AN)

3.    Method and device for controlling the electric supply of an electromagnetic actuator
Patent application BO2009A000491 ; Patent no. 
Filing date: July 28, 2009
Inventors: E. De Santis, F. Marignetti, G.Tomassi
Owner: LEDA srl

4.   Brushless electric drive with two independent rotors for hybrid electric propulsion 
Patent application NA2011A000046  ; Patent no. 0001409332
Filing date: November 9, 2011 
Patent date: July 31, 2014
Inventors: I. Boldea, S. Deaconu, F. Marignetti, L. Tutelea
Owner: F. Marignetti

5.  High voltage fiber optic sensor for the measurement of an alternating electric field
Patent application  ITMI20131668 ; Patent no. 
Filing date: October 9, 2013 ;Patent date: 
Inventors: G. Gagliardi, F. Marignetti
Owner: LEDA srl (50%), CNR - National Research Council (50%)

International Patents

2.   Application number PCT/IB2008/003648, WO2008IB03648 20081230  ; Patent no: EP2280403 ; Also published as: US2011025235 (A1) ITBO20090491 (A1) CN101986554 (A)
Method and device for controlling the power supply of an electromagnetic actuator
Filing date: July 28, 2010 ;Publication date: February 2, 2011
Inventors: F. Marignetti, G.Tomassi, E. de Santis
Owner: LEDA srl

3. Application number: PCT/EP2014/071694, WO2014EP71694 20141009 ; Patent no: WO2015052294 ; Also published as: ITMI20131668  
High Voltage Fiber Optic Sensor for the Measurement of an Alternating Electric Field
Filing date: October 9, 2014; Publicatin date: April 16, 2015
Inventors: G. Gagliardi, F. Marignetti, 
Owner: LEDA srl (50%), CNR - National Research Council (50%)